We turn ideas into reality.

FACTOR 10 is a fast-paced, cutting-edge design and consulting studio based out of New Orleans. We do everything: product development, digital development, UX design, large-scale branding and identity projects, and high-level business strategy.


Our projects are never the same and that’s how we like it. We embrace new challenges, thrive under pressure, and inspire one another to achieve the impossible again and again.

A tenfold value add.

We design with a purpose – to return 10x the value of your investment in us. Every element of design is carefully crafted to connect consumers to products and brands on an emotional level.


With a diverse team of business analysts, designers, developers, and engineers, we create elegant solutions to complex problems.



What Our Clients Say

James Thomas – Nike

Advanced Research & Concept Manager

“The versatility that FACTOR 10 provides our Advanced Research Team is exceptional. We have had a long working relationship with this group and they have been instrumental in developing everything from new test equipment to in depth research of specific aspects of product performance. Their work has contributed to numerous awards in the industry as well as directly aided our athletes to higher levels of performance.”

Geoffrey Roniger

Owner, Freret Street Yoga

“I am continually astonished by the level of creativity and attention to detail that FACTOR 10 exhibits. Not only have they helped to streamline our day-to-day operations, they have also revamped our website and redesigned the interior of our studio in such an elegant way that all aspects of the business now feel seamlessly coherent and mutually reinforcing of our core values. The sophistication and comprehensiveness of their approach is quite rare. FACTOR 10 truly stands out for their genuine commitment to quality.”

Meghan Hays

Owner, 504FIT

“Factor 10 was instrumental in helping launch my home-based Pilates and fitness business to a commercial space on Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans. They learned about what I sell, who I am, and what model I was striving to grow my business into and created a beautiful and unique brand they carried through my logo, website and marketing materials that captured customers and my own style and “business personality.”

The website Factor 10 created for 504FIT was everything I needed…and everything I didn’t know I needed. I am still receiving positive feedback from other businesses and from our clients about the navigability and straightforwardness of the site, as well as the streamlined look of the 504FIT brand. Their web design team taught me how to maintain and update the website (something about which I had some fear). I am so happy I decided to contact Factor 10 for branding and web design, and I will absolutely use their talents and resources to help grow my business in the future.”

What We do

Strategic Business Consulting

Long term success depends on more than beautiful design. Sometimes the only difference between a blockbuster and a bomb is timing. Without a sound business strategy, even great products can fail.

At Factor 10, we design great businesses—not just great products. Revenue models, growth initiatives, expansion opportunities—we develop strategic plans that set you up for sustained success.

Consumer Product Design

It all begins with a napkin sketch, a conversation, or sometimes literally a dream. But what comes after the initial inspiration?

From concept generation to design for manufacture, prototyping to mass production, Factor 10 takes you from start to finish. Our experienced team helps major corporations and independent inventors navigate through every stage of the product development process.

Website, app and software development

The world is digital. Is your business? Your company’s web presence is your first impression. Make sure it’s not your last one.

Factor 10 designs intuitive user experiences that help convert visitors into customers. Our development team fuses market research with digital design to cut through the excess and reach your target market.

Branding and marketing materials

Your logo. Your website. Your marketing materials. Your retail layout. They all speak a message- What do you want that message to be?

A brand is more than just a logo or an image. It is an experience: a cohesive representation of who you are and what you stand for. At FACTOR 10, we merge the highest quality design with comprehensive research about the customer to deliver a compelling message. We create brands that rise above the noise and leave a lasting impression.